To Try is Not To Choose

choice gmg May 21, 2021

Always trying, but never choosing.


Be aware of those areas in your life where you are always trying to change, but never actually choosing to change.

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Universe of Choice

choice gmg Feb 16, 2021

One of the biggest implants we live with is that problems are real.

Problems are manufactured so you have a reason to live. Something to do. A justification to choose. An entertainment.

What if the universe of choice was our theatre?

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A Different Point of View

choice gmg Feb 01, 2021

What if it wasn’t about ‘what can I get,’ ‘how can I survive’ and ‘what do I need?’

What if it was:

what can I choose,

what can I be,

what can I receive,

what can I create

and what can I contribute to here?

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Because You Chose It

choice gmg Jan 22, 2021

Everything happens for a reason is a lie.

Everything happens because you chose it.

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Choosing For You

choice gmg Dec 21, 2020

Choosing for you does not mean choosing against others. It does not mean separation from others. 

Choosing for you raises all ships with your rising tide. 

Be willing to be facilitated by the choices you make so that you gain more of you always with every choice.

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