A Splash into the past


I was born in South Africa. Grew up during the changes of Apartheid.

Raised by my Mom and an only child. NEVER fitted in. Battled through school & life. Drugs and Parties. Barely got out alive!

One night I woke up.
Turned to my friends and said "I'm out, I'm done!"

Returned home.
The true journey began!

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I ask myself everyday 

'What am I choosing this for? What would I like to create in the world?'


Through my own personal pursuit to create a life and reality I have always known is possible, which started at the ripe age of 15, I knew that the world I was born into and the world I walked in could not be all there is.

There had to be a life beyond frustration, limitation, and judgment. It didn’t make sense to me that it was so hard to create. It didn’t make sense why there was so much struggle, and mostly it didn’t make sense that we seemed limited in our capacities and abilities?

So I began seeking. All I wanted to be when I was young was happy! And through this desire in 2011, I stumbled across Access Consciousness!

This was truly when what I knew deep down came to life. Access was weird, wacky and beautiful. It opened doors to realities and energies that no one else spoke about. And mostly, it truly works!

It is fast, elegant and opens your world to possibilities you never even knew existed! In 2014 I chose to leave the traditional business/entrepreneur world to become a certified facilitator with Access and champion the tools of Access around the world. With entrepreneurship & business being my vocation to facilitate! In 2016 I travelled to Australia to attend one of the greatest Access classes so far, Benevolent Capitalism!

Here was the birth of Benevolent Entrepreneurs, the company that supports my choice to facilitate Access & Consciousness globally. Entrepreneurship just excites me! It turns me on and lights me up!

In my personal point of view, Entrepreneurs are the future! We always have been. Now is the time for conscious entrepreneurs to dominate and contribute to the world!

Conscious entrepreneurs are the future of the next 10,000 years and beyond! I choose to facilitate and create with Access Consciousness as they are on the creative edge of Consciousness! And I desire to be a part of creating a greater future for all.


If you wake up in the morning desiring something greater, you are an entrepreneur!


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