Greater is on its way!

change gmg May 14, 2021

When you go through so much change that all creative energies and projects seem to disappear, just know greater is on its way.


Go out. Be in nature. Ask to receive.

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Uncomfortable is the New Black

change gmg Mar 05, 2021


When you go through big changes...


You know those ones where you have no idea what’s going on or who you are anymore? There is a space and peace that occurs that can be quite uncomfortable. 


What if you allowed yourself to be uncomfortable? What if that was ‘normal’?

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Change While You Sleep (Pt 1/3)

change gmg Feb 24, 2021

Do you ask what you can change at night while you sleep?

Before you close those beautiful eyes, ask yourself and the Universe:

"What can I change while I sleep that would allow me to have more ease. Be joyful. Receive more clients?"

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I Simply Could Not Believe that Life Was So Hard and Struggle Was The Main Title

My journey with Access Consciousness started in the most subtle way.

Now, I am not here to tell you a hero story, simply because I don't have one. I’m not from another planet. We didn’t have much money to make me a superhero costume and I hated vegetables!

I grew up in South Africa, born to a British family (this I think was due to karma) in the early ’80s. Times were tough for my Mom as she was rather young, her family was not very kind and my Dad lived in another city...

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Are You Ready to Have It First and Change The World?

change happiness success Jul 13, 2019


We all aspire for success in some form or the other. Be it relationships, competitions, sports, business and on and on. We admire, praise and study those who are in our eyes considered to be great leaders in the fields we wish to have success in, too. Being first is a great achievement. At first glance, being the first seems great. Being the one who thought, created, showed, discovered or arrived first, before all the others. We admire all the people who do it first, who have it...

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The Big Change!


It’s freezing! I’m not used to the British weather, nor am I used to the vibe and energy of the people, the buildings and the whole damn feel! I left South Africa and my home as soon after finishing school as I could… School was not my thing and let’s just say I was not school’s best friend either.

One frosty Winter’s evening, I found myself a few beers down in a local pub near the main Fire Station in the heart of Oxford, England with a couple of...

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The Great Seducer!

English | Deutsch | Italiano | Русский | Türkçe

Ever notice how everything can be going really well. Like you wake up happy! Super stoked for the day. Got great things going on. Plans are working out, people are loving you… the world is your oyster.

And then a few days later, you wake up and are like WTF just happened. Where the fuck did all my joy go?

And it’s a downhill race to the bottom of nothing works, my life sucks and the world is just a shit...

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