Ridiculously Irrational YOU

beyou gmg May 13, 2021

No one got anywhere thinking about their life.


Be ridiculous. Be irrational.


Be you.

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Willingness to Be You

beyou gmg Apr 29, 2021

Are you willing to be you whether anyone else likes you or not?

Or are you trying to figure out how to make other people like you while you are being you?

~ Choice of Possibilities Class

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Where have you Given up on You?

beyou gmg Mar 11, 2021

If you have given up on you, you will live your life from ‘What can I get?’

Rather than ‘What can I choose, be and receive?’

If you are always looking for what you can get from every choice, you are missing that magic of being you on this planet.

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Whose World are you Defining You By?

beyou gmg Jan 12, 2021

Whose world am I currently defining me by?  

Whose world am I defining others by? 

Whose world am I in? How many universes are you in that are not even yours? 

Time to step out and expand into your universe...

Hint - your world is far bigger and far greater than others.

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Discover your Capacities

beyou gmg Jan 04, 2021

Ask yourself everyday what capacities for joy, happiness and magic do you have? 

If you don’t ask, you don’t discover you.

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What Effect do you Have in the World?

beyou effect gmg Dec 11, 2020

Almost all of the ‘greats’ of the world say the same thing - you become the people you hang out and spend time with. 

Well they too hang out and spend time with you. 
What do others become when they spend time with you?

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