Welcome, Beautiful You! 
Are you ready to happily BE YOU in the world?


Are you ready to be free to be you, enjoy you and succeed as the difference you actually are in the world? Access Consciousness, Access Bars & Foundation Classes are the start of discovering what a gift you are!

What contribution can you now receive that would change your life and allow you to be the contribution to the world you have always known you are?


What contribution can you now receive that would change your life and allow you to be the contribution to the world you have always know you are?  

Everyone has their own journey. Their own story, and everyone is here for a different reason and asking for something different. This is the power and beauty of Access Consciousness and Access Bars! 

You will discover you. 

What if what you have always felt as the wrongness of you is actually the gift you choose to get to you this point here today where you get to finally unlock the beauty you have hidden about you for so long?  

And yes it is true, you are a beauty in the world!

I came along to Access Consciousness through a strong desire to stop always struggling.

I tried everything under the sun to unlock the pain that felt was my life.  Access Consciousness has been the biggest gift in my life!  And now my biggest joy to share with others. I desire to have a planet that is taken care of. A world without judgement, wrongness or separation. A planet that celebrates life and living and our difference’s are received as the gifts they are to each other. A world where no one has to struggle if they choose!

What is your story that if you no longer lived it would set you free.  If you could change anything what would it be?

My journey started with The Clearing Statement, Access Bars and the biggest change of all The Foundation Class!  What will your journey to total change, total choice and the joy of being alive on this planet be for you? 

I invite you to a world like no other, YOUR WORLD!


My No Story Story

I simply could not believe that life was so hard and struggle was the main title.

My journey with Access Consciousness started in the most subtle way.

Now, I am not here to tell you a hero story, simply because I don't have one. I’m not from another planet. We didn’t have much money to make me a super hero costume and I hated vegetables!

I grew up in South Africa, born to a British family (this I think was due to karma) in the early 80’s. Times were tough for my Mom as she was rather young, her family was not very kind and my Dad lived in another city and money was a mystery only to be solved by having a little veggie garden. Yum another green vegetable!

As my powerful detest of vegetables grew, my Mom studied and worked.
Moving through the ranks (rather successfully) I was fortunate to have been put through some pretty good schools in Africa, I can count past 10 and I am able to partially spell and use words to create this beautiful story.

In fact I went one of the best private schools in South Africa. The only problem was it was so private that my charming rebellious nature was one of the main features at the teachers’ lounge on many occasion.

We lived in a very modest house and by the time I was in primary school we had moved up the ranks of poverty to the middle income category, no money left at the end of the month group.
But we had everything we “needed”. I even had my own car. She was older than me, but we got along very well.

My mom was super driven that by the time I was in high school she was so ambitious and determined to have a greater financial reality that her evenings were spent trying to build a network marketing business (Which I think was due to her karma) and my evening were spent cultivating a keen culture of magical flora and fungi.

"Right wrong, good bad, pod poc, all nine shorts and beyonds"

By the year 2010 I had scrapped through high-school, lived in England for a year (which is such a beautiful country I came back home early, so white it took my mom several days to actually realise I hadn’t turned into a gecko), I then spent two years at College studying psychology, started several businesses (because money was more exciting than people’s problems), worked in big corporates and really mastered the art of hating life and wondering why the fuck do we even bother.

My Mom too had expanded her career rather successfully, as well as opening a small energy healing business in the art of spirituality and metaphysic .

I too started my search for more when I was 15, this I would say was the only difference between me and my friends. I was always hungry to find a way out of this shit reality, of course my sophisticated approached was to rebel against every authority possible and to develop a taste for challenging life itself.
I simply could not believe that life was so hard and struggle was the main title. it never made sense to me and I hated that I could not work out why or how to change it.

One day whilst in a fit of drama and trauma on the phone to my Mom, feeling depressed, defeated and out of luck my mom said she had sent me an email and I should just try using it.

In all hopelessness in a job I hated, a few terrible businesses behind me, nothing special going on in my life, having a pretty mild experience of living, no major story to share, no magical reason as to why I felt so “fucked up”, having been pretty lucky to have had what I have in life. I had no super hero costumes ready to share with the world, the only gift I had was this deep desperation to do whatever it took to be happy one day.

So in 2010 I stepped into my office and read the email. It simply read:

Say this - Right, wrong, good, bad, pod poc, all nine, short boys and beyonds  

I now facilitate Access Consciousness all over the world. My company is based in Ireland, generating a healthy income, in over 7 languages and growing. The past year has been a joyful experience of awareness, consciousness and possibility. And we only getting started !  


I ask myself everyday 

'What am I choosing this for? What would I like to create in the world?

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