Laughter Heals the World

gmg laughter May 24, 2021

Who can you laugh at today that would heal the world?

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To Try is Not To Choose

choice gmg May 21, 2021

Always trying, but never choosing.


Be aware of those areas in your life where you are always trying to change, but never actually choosing to change.

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Live, or Die Trying

gmg living May 20, 2021

I’d rather die trying than not living!

There is a world of adventure out there, my friends.

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Are you Making Destiny Real?

destiny gmg May 19, 2021

There is no such thing as destiny.

Sorry, Disney was wrong.

You can change your future.

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Got Abundance?

abundance gmg May 18, 2021

You have a capacity for abundance.

It’s the energy of need and tug.

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What the F*** is Head Tripping?

gmg headtripping May 17, 2021

Head tripping. AKA making things cognitive. AKA thinking. AKA never knowing, or being the question.

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Greater is on its way!

change gmg May 14, 2021

When you go through so much change that all creative energies and projects seem to disappear, just know greater is on its way.


Go out. Be in nature. Ask to receive.

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Ridiculously Irrational YOU

beyou gmg May 13, 2021

No one got anywhere thinking about their life.


Be ridiculous. Be irrational.


Be you.

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The Magic of You

gmg magic May 11, 2021

You are magical.

It just doesn’t look like the movies.

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