10 000 People in Consciousness

consciousness gmg Apr 27, 2021

1. A world without separation.

2. True justice.

3. Stewardship of and with the planet.

4. Statesmen to the fore, and politicians to cease.

5. Consciousness infecting the whole world.

6. A world of possibilities, not a world of limitations.

7. Actualisation of the nine trannies.

8. True environmental awareness.

9. Embodiment as part of the joy of being.

10. Riches and wealth for those that are willing to have it.



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Acts of Consciousness - Part 3 of 6

consciousness gmg Mar 31, 2021

To look for the gift that each thing is.

A simple act of consciousness can change the world. Do one every day.

~ Choice of Possibilities

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Letting Go of this Reality

consciousness happiness Jul 12, 2019


I had the most intense dream the other day! And I'd like to share it as a part of exposing my personal self to the world! I normally hide behind my point of view that personal is silly and private and no one is actually interested!

So... In the dream: I woke up strapped into a seat in a car that had been converted into a space capsule ready for launch. I woke up during the launch sequence, not knowing how I got there and just hearing the captain’s voice getting ready for launch...

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The Big Change!


It’s freezing! I’m not used to the British weather, nor am I used to the vibe and energy of the people, the buildings and the whole damn feel! I left South Africa and my home as soon after finishing school as I could… School was not my thing and let’s just say I was not school’s best friend either.

One frosty Winter’s evening, I found myself a few beers down in a local pub near the main Fire Station in the heart of Oxford, England with a couple of...

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The Great Seducer!

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Ever notice how everything can be going really well. Like you wake up happy! Super stoked for the day. Got great things going on. Plans are working out, people are loving you… the world is your oyster.

And then a few days later, you wake up and are like WTF just happened. Where the fuck did all my joy go?

And it’s a downhill race to the bottom of nothing works, my life sucks and the world is just a shit...

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