One thing is not enough for you!


Is one thing enough for you? Truly?

Do you find yourself bored far too often?
Bored with life, with work, with goals and dreams, or even with friends, family and partners?

You have to ask yourself ‘what’s underneath the boredom’?

What's underneath it is an infinite being with infinite possibilities with infinite capacities to create, generate and receive!

How many of us have been led...

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We Are Xvolution


Don’t call me stupid, slow or dumb
I have a super power that’s starting to drum

For so long now I’ve never fit in
Plagued with the sounds you will never win

The energy is high I cannot look in your eye
You think I’m dumb stupid, or just high
I just have a super power oh my oh my!
Where to begin the future is nigh

You have a brain I do not
You can focus on one thing I cannot 

When we meet you take me all in
When we meet I see you and the world you’re...

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Who are you beyond money?

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It’s been a long long time that we have been dictated to by our ‘financial situation’. It rules lives, destroys lives, makes lives, and truly is what makes the world go round right now.

Everything is about money.

What if everything we have ever been taught about money is a lie? And I mean everything!

For 10 seconds just absorb that everything you have ever been taught, or bought about money, was a total lie. None of it...

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