What Is Access Consciousness?

Consciousness includes everything and everyone and judges nothing and no one. Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

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The Question

What if you always asked a question? What if a question is not about getting an answer, right or wrong, but about getting an awareness that gives you multiple choices? The more you ask questions, the more choices you have available and the more aware you will become of possibilities. Explore more of how you can "be the question"!

Asking a question gives you an awareness of what could be possible, of the choices you could make. Seeking a solution makes you look for the right answer. There is almost never a right answer and so you tie yourself up in thinking about what you wish could be possible, rather than asking the questions which would show you an array of possibilities that are far beyond your wildest dreams.

A Potent Tool for Change and Transformation

The Clearing Statement

What if a few weird words could totally change your life?

If you are around people who have done Access Consciousness classes or telecalls, you are likely to hear them say this weird thing that sounds totally like a foreign language, or maybe you won’t even hear it because your brain has just turned into mush! (In case you’re wondering… this is a really good thing – it means the clearing statement is working its magic on you).


What next...

Access Bars® are designed to create more consciousness for you, your body and the planet. They are 32 points on your head which are lightly touched to create ease in different areas of your life. Whether you’ve heard about Access Bars from a friend, a radio show or a news story, you may be wondering how you can experience it for yourself?

The Foundation®. You will be given a whole toolbox that will allow you to break apart the foundation of limitation that we so often function from and build a new foundation, one of limitless possibility, so that you can begin to create the life you truly desire.

What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be? 

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Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives.

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The Foundation® classes are designed to empower you to change anything and everything you’d like to change in your life. 

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Access Consciousness

The depth and breadth of the tools of Access Consciousness is never ending!

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